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Campaign Issues


A goal of mine is to create a public-private partnership with a composting business and the City of Somersworth - perhaps using the current composting facility at Malley Farm. Though I'm proud of my accomplishment of bringing composting drop-off to Somersworth Public Works, a public-private partnership with a food composting company could help generate revenue for the city. The city could lease land, as well as charge user-fees from a host agreement between the business and the City of Somersworth. These revenue sources could help pay for important services within our city and lower the tax burden on property tax payers. Also by partnering with a composting company, it would allow for residents to spend less on trash bags. 


New Hampshire's tax structure downshifts costs and forces cities and towns to rely almost primarily on local property taxes, which can be burdensome to many municipalities like Somersworth. By partnering with elected officials at the state-level and by advocating for equitable redistribution of state funding for expenses like education, roads, and services, we can work to ease the property tax burden on Somersworth residents. 


As an educator I know the importance of quality schools and teachers. I pledge to adequately fund our city schools, support our teachers, and advocate for the vital programs - such as SYC - that parents and students rely upon. 


As our city continues to grow, I plan to partner with business owners and create a diverse network of businesses that cater to our unique city needs and cultures. I will also work to attract others from around the state and the nation to our city on the hill. Through partnerships with local and state officials, I hope to attract more sustainable and green businesses to Somersworth so that we can remain on the cutting edge in the State of New Hampshire. 

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