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About Matt

I teach seventh grade science at the NH Education Excellence Award-Winning, Somersworth Middle School (if you haven't already heard, check it out here!)

Beyond teaching, I am passionate about equity in our state's education system. I have been, and will continue to be, an advocate for Somersworth. Due to inadequate state-funding, our community loses money year-after-year in the form of increased property taxes. I plan to fight for Somersworth and work to find creative solutions to fund not only our schools, but the city-wide services we depend on. 

Since joining the City Council in 2019 I have worked to guide the city through the COVID-19 pandemic, which included helping ensure a safe and secure 2020 election. I have also approved the construction of a new fire station, helped break-ground on the Somersworth Veteran's Memorial Park, and committed the city to road, sidewalk, and green-space projects that will improve the accessibility and health of our community. I am also proud to have secured a food composting program at the city's public works building, available to all Somersworth residents, which will help to keep our community green. 

My husband and I have a cat named Tucker and a dog named Otto. In my spare time I love to paint, garden, beautify my community, and walk through Somersworth's many public parks and trails with Otto. 

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